Waikele Light

It all started more than twenty years ago with a few strands of lights hanging on the lanai balcony which took all but 15 minutes to setup; including taking the 100 bulb light strand out of the box and finding an extension cord to plug it in.  As our family grew so too did the Christmas light display which has now become a year round “project”.  Planning, drawing, building, and programming before the first bulb is even strung up.  The result of which is a fully computerized LED Christmas Light Show comprised of more than 5 miles of electrical wiring and 80,000 lights all controlled by a computer that orchestrates the lights to “dance” to music.

Most of the light fixtures are custom built to work specifically with unique hardware and software that control the show and LED lights are used to significantly reduce power consumption.  One of the really neat things about this Light Show is that it is powered by the Sun as Photovoltaic systems produce more than enough electricity during the day to power the entire Waikele Light Show at night.  Green power from the sun to power all these lights at night; now that’s cool!

We love to decorate and enjoy seeing the happiness the light show brings to the thousands of people that visit during the holiday season.  Last year donations were accepted and used to support the Next Step Shelter in Kaka’ako, the Hawaiian Humane Society and PATCH.  Visitors are very generous and appreciative of the Waikele Light show and we are so glad to be able to share their generosity with others to further help spread holiday cheer and joy.

The show runs daily from 7pm – 9:30pm is comprised of many different songs and lasts about 30 minutes before it repeats.  Please note that Anapau Place is closed to vehicular traffic for the Safety of our visitors and residents.  Visit
WaikeleLights.com for more information and we hope you can are able to check it out.